MKE- Week 9- Affirm the Good

I’m at the beach this week with family. I’m figuring out how to write a blog post on my phone. Life is amazing!

From Haanel this week, there are several things that have stood out to me. The first is, “Character is not a thing of chance, but is the result of continued effort.” This feels hopeful to me. I like the thought that if I just keep up my effort, my character will continue to evolve. I feel I’m only beginning.

The other part of my reading that has stuck with me this week is affirmation- “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” I’m bringing myself back to this time and time again. As my moontime cycle impacts my hormones, I feel how powerful I truly am. At certain times in my cycle, I need this affirmation like I need air. I’m happy to have this as a tool to keep away the darkness, as it tries to envelop me again.

The way to fight darkness is with light. May your path be brightly illuminated. ❤️

MKE Week 8-Cosmic shifts

I felt some karmic and cosmic (maybe that’s the same?) shifts this week. Unexpected connections with people. Intentional connections with other people. I’m enjoying being the architect and allowing the methods to appear.

All that said, I haven’t been doing my exercises with fidelity this week. That feels like such a confession, yikes. I need to spend more time getting to know my future self and I’m working through it. Please tell me I’m not the only one 🙂 Anyway, grateful for the shifts I’m seeing happen before my eyes in real time because, “I can BE what I will to be!” Might still be getting dialed in on the future me.

Ok. blah. blah. blah. Time for bed.


MKE Week 7- Just keep swimming

It’s Saturday. This blog post was due yesterday. Just keep swimming. We were to make movie posters 2 weeks ago. Mine isn’t finished. Just keep swimming. Last week we were to do a music/voice recording. I haven’t even started it yet. Just keep swimming.

If I let the ways that I’m behind in this course weigh me down, I’d have quit by now, but I’m still swimming. I will celebrate that I’m still moving forward even though I’m struggling to keep up. Mama needs a bye week!!

If you are reading this and you’re still swimming, then virtual high five to you! I love this course and I’m not giving up, but I sure could use some encouragement.

Over and out.

MKE Week 6- Um. What now?

I’d rather be watching a Schitt’s Creek at the moment, but I’ll reward myself after I #doitnow and write these random week 6 highlights.

A list:

  • Emotional release
  • Full moon approaching- Ingi ALWAYS spotting the moon.
  • My moon time – (that means period if anyone is confused)
  • Nature acts never in haste (but feeling overwhelmed). Mama needs the replay.
  • Future office talks = dreaming of possibilities= show me the way!
  • I kinda wanna tell “having no opinions” and “focusing my attention” to FUCK OFF
  • I will greet this day with love in my heart AND a glass of water in my face.
  • Observing patterns and shapes

I sacrifice my ego and pride to discover my true gifts to share with the world. Is that a sacrifice? Just TELL ME 🙂

It’s done.

Note to self- just keep going

MKE- Week 5- Opinions

Well guys, it turns out I have a lot of f-ing opinions. Holy smokes. Like, a lot. Here’s an example that I think illustrates my “issue”. I belong to an online mom’s group, you might not be surprised that a lot of opinions are shared there. Many times, moms ask for advice or recommendations. Recently, a mom who is a nearby neighbor asked where she could get a tasty burger, as her pregnancy cravings were screaming “BURGER”. She had plenty of options in the comments of her post, but guess what I did. Yep, I gave an opinion about where she should get a burger and guys, I DON’T EAT RED MEAT. Now, to give myself a tiny bit of grace, this was before the week 5 assignment to be the observer of your opinions and to keep them to yourself, but C’MON Breann, you aren’t even a burger connoisseur. Get.A.Grip.

All that to say week 5 is kicking my ass in the biggest way possible. I’m able to laugh at myself a little, which feels necessary, but not chiming in on things like climate change denial memes and supporting people who lock kids in changes, well, that is rough. I’m doing it, but I’m feeling lots of feelings about it.

My other issue is that I’m finding writing a press release REALLY tough. For some reason, it feels like work and not a joyous celebration of accomplishment. I know I’m a decent technical writer, as I’ve had lots of practice writing psych reports, but this other stuff doesn’t come easy to my brain. So I’ll keep chipping away and get something posted before I go to bed tonight, but sending me some “you got this” vibes would not hurt.

Happy Halloween

Week 4- All in!

It’s week 4 of the Master Key Experience and I’m ALL IN! You guys, I’m observing small changes in myself and it’s pretty cool! To me, this small example says a lot. We spent a night at the Wee Casa Tiny House Resort in Lyons, CO to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday. Five humans in a tiny space. I enjoyed myself SO much and I was SOBER!! This is a big deal.

I feel like I’m making more conscious choices about life and that feels very empowering. Also, I’ve never been more thrilled to clean the cat’s litter box. Being in service feels SO GOOD! Onward!

Week 3- Signs

I was born on May 3rd and three has always been my favorite number. That’s been about my only favorite thing about this week. That might be a little harsh, but I’ve been struggling this week.

There have been some great things to celebrate this week, so I’ll start there. My best friend from my college days, Nancy, was here last weekend for a quick visit. We spent most of our time in reflection and connection. It was great to be together. My mom is visiting now and that is always a treat. Watching my kids with my mom is one of my favorite things and I’m so grateful for the time together.

The weather changed here in Denver last week. We got our first snow and the 60 degree drop in temperature brought with it bronchitis. Ugh. I’ve been coughing my guts up and feeling like my life force is somewhere else. I still feel like I could sleep for three days straight. My brain has felt fuzzy and it’s not helping me get clear on my Definite Major Purpose. I feel like it’s right on the tip of my brain, but just can’t quite put it into words; hence the feeling of struggle.

The signs are what keep me going when I feel I’m in a place of struggle and there were lots of signs this week. The one that stands out the most is blue jays. I pulled into my driveway one afternoon this week and there were two blue jays jumping between the yard and the trees. They were beautiful and impossible to miss. I sat in the car and just watched them until they flew away. When I got in the house I consulted my Animal Spirit Guides book by Steven Farmer and read the following-

If Blue Jay shows up, it means:

  • Rather than just dabbling in the spiritual/metaphysical realm, choose a path to explore and go as far as you can with it.
  • Assess your main gifts and talents, develop a plan as to how you can best use then, and then take clear and purposeful action.

Seems I’m on the right path with the Master Key Experience.

Week 2- Staying True

Hello again! I’m in my second week of working on the world within. I’m “being a good student”, which is a funny thing to notice. And by that, I mean I’m doing the work with consistency and fidelity. There isn’t a gold star for doing the work, the work IS the reward, but my old habits of wanting recognition from my teachers are popping up. I’m doing my best just to be the observer of my thoughts and know that I’m the thinker of my thoughts, I’m not my thoughts.

This isn’t my first rodeo with personal development. I’ve done a LOT of work in my adult life- becoming a Reiki Master (still don’t feel worthy of that accomplishment), a Deeksha Giver, reading a multitude of books, getting my Laughter Yoga Leader certification, journaling, meditation- all of that has led me here to this Master Key Experience and yet I still feel there is so much more work to do. As I’m noticing this in myself, I’m working on not getting distracted by others- the places it seems they are stuck, negative stories, etc. Are these just mirrors to show me where I still have work to do?

One foot in front of the other. I continue onward in my journey, staying true to me and the work.

Over and out,


MKMMA Week 1- And we’re off!

Very first blog post of my life, no pressure. lol I’m feeling naked without emojis and I’m noticing that…anyway. Hi! I’m beginning a journey of epic proportions and documenting it via this blog. You’re welcome.

I want to write uncensored and not worry about the aesthetics here in the beginning, so that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m open to where this blog might go and I’m looking forward to meeting the 6 months out (and beyond) version of me.

I feel like I’m taking this new moon and current astrology VERY seriously by jumping into this course. I feel a hot mess, per usual, so it feels unreasonable to take this on with everything else I’m pouring into; but here I go. I need these tools to break through my subconscious programming and RESET myself, so I’m committing to this and I AWLAYS keep promises to myself.

I’m copping to some money worry. It’s based on when the PIF portion kicks in. I think documenting this is important because I want to acknowledge this pattern so I can create a new money story! What will I sacrifice? Thrifting would be a BIG one…but it brings me so much joy. Now you know my guilty pleasure.

Last random thoughts before I sign off…what is my DMP? I should journal about this tonight, like as soon as I finish up here. It feels like such a big question and I can’t wait to answer it…and the journey to getting there; I look forward to that too. Patience, please be with me.

Over and Out,


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